Welcome to the Spiritual Health Network

We have officially received our IRS Letter of Determination for 501(c)3 status on June 23, 2011 qualifying SHN to receive tax deductable donations and such bequests under specific IRS codes as a legal non-profit organization.

Who We Are
The Spiritual Health Network (SHN) is a non-profit educational organization. We are not affiliated with established religions nor do we conform to particular theological beliefs. Our foundation is grounded in the strength of the human spirit.

Our Mission
Through the pairing of individual abilities and philosophies (both old and new) we educate, promote and help others achieve spiritual, emotional and physical health and balance.

Our Direction
Through educational gatherings, support groups, and compassionate/empathetic counseling, we offer a "quiet space"...the essential element for attaining silence and spiritual health. It is an Education Facility for the exhibition of Fine Art and the raising of funds for the successful growth of the programs of SHN.

Return often to witness the museum quality art and the total architectual environment of James Kaminski in the Little Wing Gallerie and the SHN Offices.

We hope that we are able to stimulate your thoughts in such a way to be meaningful for you. The Spritual Health Network and Little Wing Gallerie is and will continue to be a living support organization for the healing of the soul.

THANK YOU for visiting our web site. You can also find us at our FaceBook page.

Karl and James

Co-Founders and Directors

Reverend Karl A. Larson
Director, Co-founder

James Kaminski
Director, Co-founder