Support Groups for Cancer patients, Care Givers and Family/Friends:

This support group is for those that are struggling with the harsh reality of being diagnosed with Cancer. Cancer also affects those who are family or friends of the patient. It effects the lives and emotions of all it touches and even to the point of being physically debilitating for those caregivers and friends that devote their lives towards helping. This program is designed to support these issues for those involved.

This is lead by Rev. Karl A. Larson whose background involves being one of those individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness and survived. He has helped many people with challenging issues, from all walks of life. Along with Rev. Larson, help also comes from peer to peer counseling, bereavement counseling and technical medical support for diagnostic questions through the Spiritual Health Network's professional supp

Support Groups for Men that have been Sexually Molested and Abused as a Child:

This is a support group primarily for men that have been sexually, physically and emotionally abused as a child. Rev Larson has had almost 20 years of helping men in these situations, being a victim himself for 6 years of his young life. He has also facilitated support groups of convicted sex offenders in an anonymous rehab/relapse prevention program. This has also helped him in his effectiveness and empathy for those men that have themselves been molested and are lost in the healing process.

This is a “Quiet Epidemic”.
One that is misunderstood and diagnosed. We are here to talk and counsel men who have been sexually abused as a child. Rev. Larson's' statistics are based upon Government Vital Statistics.  University studies, personal interviews of unreported criminal activities indicates that 1 out of 8 males are molested as a child. Documented incidents show young males are not only molested by men but ALSO molested by their Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters and babysitters and many are not reported.

Rev. Larson will be facilitating this support group along with peer to peer support and specifically trained personnel when needed