About Us:  

The Human Spirit has been a crucial element for men's achievements throughout history. Spiritual excellence is the scale on which human worth is judged. Persons with a well-developed spirit are those best fitted in our society as most likely to succeed, and most likely to thrive physically, emotionally and vocationally. Only recently has the broader public become sensitive to the importance of helping others develop their spiritual abilities. Yet, without adequate support, spiritual cultivation remains an undeveloped resource. With sufficient nurturing, spiritual growth can produce a rich harvest and becomes a preparation for assuming social responsibility. It inspires economic development, can help people adapt to global economic conditions, and in turn, helps to create new jobs and vocations essential to our communities. Those with the ablest spirit are those who share the greatest responsibility for helping our culture develop. Spiritual growth can heighten attention, persistence and adaptability. Lack of spiritual growth can impair performance.

  The Human Creative Spirit, when inspired, is what defines our cultural heritage in arts, theater, music and literature. Along with compassion, Human Spirit is dedicated to the arts of science and of health care. In essence, our spirit is what defines our human existence and motivates new ideas and progressive change.   The Spiritual Health Network is a Faith Based educational organization that has been created as a result of the efforts of Reverend Karl Larson and artist/designer James Kaminski, whose goals are to develop creative alternative educational programs and mentor human spiritual rejuvenation.

  We believe that there is no unitary endowment of spirit….it is only strong in some people and weak in others due to environmental suppression and self-suppression. By identifying gaps and incongruence, we strive to help people retrieve their spiritual strengths.

Spiritual Health Network, Inc
2923A. South Delaware Ave
Milwaukee, WI  53207

in Bay View, two blocks west of the South Shore Marina and Park